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Security Equipment Rentals, is a division of A & I Distributors Pty Ltd, a company that has been in operation in Australia for more than 18 years. The focus of this division is survelliance and security.

Initially providing comprehensive sales, support and service of Industrial X-ray equipment, we moved into the Security screening industry approximately 15 years ago when we introduced the first Rapiscan equipment into Australia. At the time none had been sold into the country.

During the next 9 years we sold over 200 X-ray units to a wide range of customers throughout Australia and New Zealand. These included X-ray equipment that ranged from the small mail screening machines through to special 1.8 x 1.8m Dual View systems to inspect palletized items.

Customers included, Airports, Customs, Quarantine, Defence, State Governments, Ports and many private organizations.

We also introduced the Metor range of Magnetometers (Walk-through Metal detectors) to the market.

During this period we received a large number of approaches from those who wished to use screening for short periods. To meet this requirement we established the “Rental Operation”, providing application guidance, advice on the most suitable equipment, sensitivity levels and contacts where qualified operators were required.

As a result of our sales success, Rapiscan decided to take over the Australian requirements to market, sell and support the equipment.

Because the need for short term rentals continued we have maintained this service.

Our rental operation has used most well known and approved brands of security screening equipment and for this reason, we are generally able to provide the equipment our customers have obtained their experience on. As well as the brand we had been selling we also operated Astrophysics, L-3, Heimann etc

Today we support a wide range of activities throughout Australia, from 1 to several days that include sporting events, exhibitions, mail screening, personnel screening and the screening of packages to ensure that they do not contain dangerous items.

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