Magnetometers (Walk through Metal Detectors)

While you plan to implement quick security measures, metal detectors assume prime priority. This equipment helps you to implement a foolproof security system that makes the Guards task much easier and allows for a much higher screening rate without the intrusion into personal space as is the case with hand held units.

Magnetometers (Metal Detectors) are used for different events and functions such as:

  • Schools
  • Courthouses
  • major sports
  • music events
  • clubs/pubs

Magnetometers (Walk through Metal Detectors) are the most effective type of metal detector because the person is required to walk-through it. This enables a quick, effective, complete scan of each person locating both ferrous and non-ferrous metals of the size and larger, programmed into the unit.

Two versions are available, Single-zone and Multi-zone, with the latter providing less false alarms, improving accuracy and reducing processing times.

On installation we setup a walkthrough metal detector at the entrance to your special event venue and with your assistance adjust the sensitivity to suit your specific application.

Please also see our hand wand metal detectors which are used in conjuction with our walk through metal detectors to assist in the isolation of a recurring alarm.

Contact us today for a no obligation quote to ensure your event is secure.

Magnetometers available:

M-160 Single Zone Download PDF
M-200 Multi Zone Download PDF
SMD600 Single Zone Download PDF


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