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X-ray machines are essential in a comprehensive security checkpoint to quickly and effectively screen sports bags, hand bags etc to ensure they do not contain threatening items.

As airports implement X-ray machines, major events such as the Sydney Olympics, Melbourne Games, Avalon Air show etc do benefit from the use of X-ray technology.

Where a large number of people are attending an event, carrying bags with personal items, it can generally be considered as being an event that has the possibility of a risk.

In such circumstances, no one, not even staff should be allowed to enter without security screening through X-ray and Metal Detectors.

Screening points of this type can be any size with the final design based on it’s capability of thoroughly checking all personal items and where required all arriving cargo.

As X-rays can provide very good images highlighting the contents of the items scanned so it is necessary to provide the screening staff with details of those items that can be allowed to enter.

Our high quality security scanners are designed to give you peace of mind while you host an event that is important for you.

Food Companies

Food Companies also make good use of our X-ray machines to scan their finished products when something has been misplaced i.e nuts, bolts, knives etc.

Passenger Luggage Screening

We often supply x-ray machines to airports and cruise liners on special occasions, to scan passenger luggage.

Security screening X-ray machines available:

Rap-519 Tunnel size= 520 wide x 320 high, Physical size = 1560 long x 792 wide Download PDF
Rap-502B Tunnel size= 640 wide x 430 high, Physical size = 2590 long x 840 wide Download PDF
Rap-522B Tunnel size= 750 wide x 550 high, Physical size = 2780 long x 1050 wide Download PDF
Rap-524 Tunnel size= 550 wide x 850 high, Physical size = 3464 long x 1352 wide Download PDF
Rap-526 Tunnel size= 950 wide x 650 high, Physical size = 3050 long x 1323 wide Download PDF
Rap-527 Tunnel size= 1000 wide x 1000 high, Physical size = 3936 long x 1388 wide Download PDF
Rap-528 Tunnel size= 1000 wide x 1000 high, Physical size = 3944 long x 1430 wide Download PDF
PX-208 Tunnel size= 825 wide x 654 high, Physical size = 2909 long x 1086 wide Download PDF
HS 6040A Tunnel size= 620 wide x 418 high, Physical size = 2004 long x 850 wide Download PDF

* All measurements are in millimeters

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