Portable Explosive Detectors

Portable Explosive Detectors are used for Airfreight screening and Freight screening in general by searching luggage, mail, clothing, electronic articles, backpacks, documents and containers.  Suspect particulates are “swiped” into the unit and vapours easily sampled at the front.

Portable Explosive Detectors are used by: Military, Police, Bomb Squads Customs, Government Facilities, Hotels, Palaces, Embassies, Mail Checkpoints, Power Plants, Events Courts, Rail, Airports, Seaports Access Control and Forensics.

Features & Benefits:

Very portable & rugged: self contained, field rugged and light (less than 2.5 kg - 5.5 lbs). Greater battery life.

Easy to use: displays definitive results in seconds on a bright LCD screen. One button operation. Auto baseline correction.

No radioactivity, period. No isotopes, carrier gas, radiation calibrations, safety risks, certificates or licenses to deal with. None.

No consumables: save funds,trouble and downtime.

More sensitive, selective, proven:
Reliably detects plastic and highvapour-pressure explosives, even minute traces of C-4, TNT, Dynamite, PETN, Semtex, RDX, Black Powder and Nitroglycerine. Uniquely detects all ICAO taggants, e.g. EGDN and DMNB, while minimizing false alarms and confirming hits.

Lower maintenance: cleanings take only seconds.

Significantly improved: advanced detector, front end and electronics, for superior sensitivity and performance.

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